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a Quest is a trip to accomplish a task.

an Adventure is a trip without a destination.

a Journey is when the trip is more important than the destination.

#excuse me while i take a quest to the toilet (x)

I often take journeys up and down my halls to think.  I like this.

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guys who rarely wear suits look at least 385% hotter when wearing a suit while guys who usually wear suits look 451% hotter when wearing casual clothes trust me this is science

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The absence of women in history is man made.


Food colouring in corn syrup. Watch as they rotate it 5 times one way and then 5 times back.
Your mind is now blown.
This is an example of the strange things that happen in fluids with low Reynold’s number. Reynold’s number is a ratio of the inertial forces and the viscous forces in the fluid. When the viscosity is high and the inertial forces are low fluids behave very differently to the way we are used to. Remember that next time you are trying to swim in honey.

I giffed the original video for your viewing ease. Enjoy.


There are two types of single people 

  1. desperately wants to be in a relationship
  2. desperately wants to remain single for as long as possible 

I am both.

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"We’re gonna have McDonalds for dinner"


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Skip the drive-through and get lucky.

DIY: Lucky Mint Milkshake

I am so glad this is mint, I thought they were making a collard green milkshake and I was so upset

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i just wanna cuddle naked with you and see who gives in first tbh

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